Cloud software

Cloud management software (SaaS) developed to significantly simplify the process of monitoring, analysis and action. Accessible from any Internet-connected device (PC, Smartphone or Tablet).

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing technologies offer a fully scalable platform, avoiding the need for users to install and run the application from a computer as well as the need for maintenance and technical support.
Access Privileges:

Access to platform may be restricted by assigning permissions or custom privileges to each user.

Basic user:

Designed for users who require fast overview of the status of the installation and pre-set performance indicators.

Advanced user:

Designed for users who wish to access their business operations in great detail, using the data collected by the equipment network to search and detect any inefficiencies and to quantify them.

Super user:

Designed to have total control over Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which will lead to improved efficiency and sustainability, both manually and by programming smart rules.