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Electronic thermostatic mixer

Electronic thermostatic mixer device with IVSS (Intelligent Valve Sensor System) regulation technology.
Our electronic mixers are the system’s brain or CPU (Central Processing Unit), in charge of the management and control of the rest of components.

In terms of hardware, it is a thermostatic mixer device, but once connected to a communications network, it amplifies its value by generating new business opportunities in buildings with large water consumption (hotels, resorts, etc.).
Electronic thermostatic mixer
Technology Patent pending
Maximum load ≤32 W. (Stand-by ≤1W)
Rated Impulse voltage 12 V DC
Suitability for drinking Suitable
Hydraulic connections 1/2 ‘’ M-GAS
Ingress protection rating IP65
TEMPERATURE Minimum Maximum
Input hot water range 48 °C 65 °C (80 °C) (*)
Input cold water range 5°C 25°C
Mixed maximum Full hot
Mixed minimum Full cold
Optimum control range 34 °C - 46 °C
FLOW RATE Minimum Maximum
Cold water 6 L/min 18,2 L/min
Mixed water 6 L/min 22,4 L/min
Maximum dynamic 6 bar (0.6 Mpa)
Minimum dynamic 1 bar (0.1 Mpa)
Recommended dynamic 3 bar (0.3 Mpa)
Maximum differential supply 5 bar (0.5 Mpa)
(Durability) Burst >80 bar (8 Mpa)
(Durability) Leakage >20 bar (2 MPa)
(*) 65 ºC for continuous use. 80ºC only for thermal disinfection process

Standard communication protocol Modbus RTU (RS485). Total control using mapped memory registers:

  • Temperature and flowsettings
  • Temperature, flow and maximum use time
  • Global and independent cold and hot water consumption readings
  • Independent and mixed cold and hot water temperature readings
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Special maintenance and hygiene functions