Smart Water Network (SWAN)

The establishment of any management plan or savings plan in buildings with large water consumption requires the implementation of a smart water network.

In Zeyron Technologies, we have the necessary components to establish a separate, dedicated network architecture or to connect to an existing one.

Smart Network Architecture for water control of hotel bathrooms

Smart Water Network
Our iV2 electronic mixing devices devices act as independent units in reading data at each point of water consumption.
Gateway Wx100 by Zeyron Technologies directs data traffic between iV2 electronic mixers and our cloud management software via Wifi or Ethernet.
Data monitoring per consumption unit. Analysis and development of management and water saving plans.

Hotels & resorts

Connectivity to smart grids from Zeyron Technologies electronic devices and smart systems enables water management and monitoring in each consumption point (faucets, head showers, shower columns, etc.), providing a new technological breakthrough in facility maintenance as well as in the implementation of saving policies and in the definition of innovative models of customized services according to each customer profile.

We want to be your strategic partner in the process of introducing a new generation of electronic devices and smart systems that will revolutionize the current concept of bathrooms.
Main business benefits for hotel& resort owners and managers:
Efficiency and Sustainability:
  • Monitoring and supervision of consumption
  • Implementation of saving strategies and verification studies.
  • Information or billing by water volume and energy consumed
Maintenance and Hygiene:
  • Periodic hygienic hot water discharges
  • Thermal disinfection programs
  • Error detection and alarm operation
Quality and comfort:
  • Limiting maximum water temperature to prevent burns
  • Compensation of pressure differences in vertical installations
  • Precision and linear supply of water flow rate and temperature parameters
Creativity and innovation:
  • Branding
  • Customer loyalty