Intelligent Valve Sensor System

In Zeyron Technologies we have developed a fully electronic and innovative technology for the thermostatic control of water, named Intelligent Valve Sensor System (iVSS).

It is composed of two solenoid valves –facing each other– and several high precision sensors connected to a control software which, based on a complex mathematical algorithm, calculates and manages the exact proportions of hot and cold water to obtain the temperature and flow rate requested by the user.
Technological innovation
Patent pending
Competitive advantages:
Fully Electronic

No cartridges, no small engines or other similar components that need to be recalibrated or replaced.

Smart Auto-Calibration

Corrects and stabilizes flow rate and temperature in response to unexpected changes in water supply pressure or temperature.

Great Robustness. High durability

Its main components are used by the world’s leading appliance brands. Absence of friction between components ensures a great durability in continuous use.

High precision

High precision sensors (0,1 l/min and 0,1º) perform water flow rate and temperature readings every 50 ms.

Wide operating range: Can work with differential pressures of up to 5 bar

No need for stabilizers to compensate changes in pressure between cold and hot water inputs.

Designed for installation in wet areas (volume 1)

Low-voltage safety compliance (12Vdc and <60w).